Nomadic Cooking Class

Nomadic Cooking Class

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No matter what your skill level or interests are, we have the perfect class just for you, and there is always something delicious to learn about in our traditional Berber cuisine that comes from nomadic Berber home. We are not starred chefs and our kitchen is not classroom with clipboards and hours of information drilling. Our nomadic cooking class is traditional, simple, fun and all about enjoying a new experience with nomadic family with an interest in food. We will teach you how to prepare a Moroccan Berber meal with tips and recipes from our grandmother’s little kitchen.

You can choose from a variety of dishes such as Tagine, Couscous, Moroccan Salad and Berber Pizza with Mint Tea, as well as the traditional Round Bread. You can also choose the place where you will have this exceptional cooking class, whether at home in Merzouga village, with a nomadic family in their tent or in small oasis in the middle of the desert in an open air.

The cooking class starts at 10H Am; we will meet at your hotel. Then we will visit the vegetables market, meat market and spices market for ingredient shopping, which is an exciting activity and part of any cooking experience in Morocco. Once we return from the market, you will join our chef will guide you to prepare your preferred dish, and the guide will translate their speech. At the end you will taste your delicious meal that you have prepared by yourself, and we guarantee it will taste good and you will not leave hungry, and that’s a promise!

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