Overnight Camel Trek In The Desert

Overnight Camel Trek In The Desert

Full Description:

In this excursion we offer both standard and luxury services for your satisfaction and according to your taste and budget.

Overnight Camel Trek is one of the best excursions full of adventures and memorable experiences in the Sahara desert. This excursion starts in the late evening from your hotel located on the edge of Erg-chebbi sand dunes, where you will meet your camels for your trek into your desert camp. You will journey through the dunes with your camel guide who will be able to get some great pictures for you along the way.

After about one hour and half walking by camels, with break time on the way enjoying spectacular views of the sunset, you will get to the camp and you will be welcomed by a glass of Berber mint tea and Moroccan cookies. Then take some time to relax before enjoying a delicious dinner, and then enjoy live Berber music around camp fire under a wonderful starry sky. The other day we will wake you up in the early morning to watch sunrise before riding your camels back to the hotel where you will take shower and have breakfast.

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